Unnatural Selection: The Untamed and the Underworld

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Welcome to the PRE-ORDER store for Unnatural Selection: The Untamed and The Underworld a supplement for use with the Shadowdark RPG. Here you will find all sorts of goodies that are sure to fit in with your TTRPG collection, and go handsomely alongside your Shadowdark core rulebook. -Bunni & Xane The Dungeon Damsel Team

Latest Updates from Our Project:

New Unnatural Selection PDF is released! v1.4
17 days ago – Fri, Mar 29, 2024 at 01:58:38 PM

Greetings Unnatural Selectors!

An update has been made -- the latest Unnatural Selection PDF is now available for download through Backerkit. As long as your session hasn't expired (or you need to "recover your survey") then this link should take you directly to the download page:

If you find you have having trouble, please let us know -- Backerkit is great and assisting with these sorts of problems as well. (And they will likely be faster than us, since they have people dedicated to resolving any issues you might have.)

This version (1.4) is also being printed as a proof copy, and if everything looks good, this will be the FINAL version of Unnatural Selection, which will allow us to begin the manufacturing process!

Exciting Times!

Ever since we've had the proof copies, running games at the table has been fun and convenient! We look forward to all of you being able to enjoy the same comfort and utility.

See you in the next update!
The Dungeon Damsel Team

Oh, and check out Bunni's Pin crowdfunding campaign that has already started with a bang! (In less than 24 hours, the Early Bird Specials will be gone, so if you'd like to support her, now's the time!)

A Message From Bunni & Big Announcement!
19 days ago – Wed, Mar 27, 2024 at 10:11:01 AM

The Dungeon Damsel herself has something to say to everyone, and the Dungeon Damsel team has an announcement, so stay tuned to the end of this update to learn what it is. With great excitement we present to you this scroll from Bunni...

Click here to check out Bunni's Campaign to learn more! Her campaign launches in just a day on March 28th! And remember, Bunni is still the front face and owner of Dungeon Damsel, and this endeavor will in no way impede her or the team's abilities to bring you the Unnatural Selection book as quickly as possible. Please consider supporting her dreams to bring these creepy mimics to life!

Here is Bunni's favorite design thus far, and one you can find on the campaign!

And now for everyone to have a say in what is created... what mimics would you like to see?

Please comment anything you don't see in the poll below. These ideas will be used for Bunni's pins and our upcoming campaign book set to launch on Bakcerkit in the future.

Pretend you didn't just see the secret... SURPRISE!


Also, new PDF drop incoming this week! And a final test print has been ordered. We will be sending out an update referring to the closing of our pre-order store several times over the next couple of weeks. You know what that means right? That means we're gearing up to lock in addresses and order the books! YAY! That also means we will be getting our greedy goblin hands on those deadly dice and dice bags.

So if you need to make any changes to your address, now is the time! Orders will be locked in early April, and everything will be sent to the manufacturers to begin production. So praise Dominus! You little darklings will have your coveted books and goodies to hoard in due time. While you wait, light a torch and count your blessings amidst the darkness-- it is nearly your time for treasures and glory!

With much love,
Bunni & The Dungeon Damsel Team

Premium test book is in, and it's sexy!
about 1 month ago – Sun, Mar 10, 2024 at 02:30:55 PM

Hi folks!

Guess what we have in our hands?

[ insert drum roll here ]

The ever majestic maroon masterpiece! The special edition Unnatural Selection test print has arrived! Check out this gorgeous work of art below.

Will you be at Gary con? Come say hi to us, and check out the books in person! Keep in mind they are only test prints and we are working diligently to finalize them. We have since made corrections to the cover and the guts of these bad boys. We won't rest until they are PERFECT. 

Now say ooo and ahhh as you watch these tomes in motion! 

There will also be a new release of the PDF coming soon with minor changes, more typographical fixes, and nerfs to Fiend talents to help maintain balance and versatility. Sorry for the delay in updates, but we hope that this more than made up for the wait!

The Dungeon Damsel website has also been getting re-vamped.
New location for the Quickstart here.

That's it for now! Keep an eye out for an update from Bunni and her new adventures in crowdfunding!

Blessed are the Darklings, they say
With torches aglow, lighting the way
In the Shadowdark deep
The Felwraak they creep
I wonder if they'll survive the fray

Love and crits,
The Dungeon Damsel Team

Shadowdark Content Appreciation
about 2 months ago – Thu, Feb 15, 2024 at 04:40:35 PM

Hi everyone!

Today I'd like to share my love and appreciation for the Shadowdark community by sharing great third-party Shadowdark creations. We've had such wild success with our campaign, that I'd love to spread the word about other indie developers and help them be seen by the community, so that Shadowdark as a whole can continue to thrive.

Let's take a look at William Burakami-Brundage's campaign setting RATS OF UL-GOL. Founder of Menagerie Press, William has created several successful Shadowdark Kickstarter campaigns, full of great creativity, epic content, challenges and depth.

About William

He's super excited about Shadowdark and just finished his 50th session in his Greyhawk West Marches campaign. He loves how simple it is to make new things for Shadowdark - it’s a joy for him as a designer, GM, and player. He's also helping to organize Shadowdark, Basic D&D, AD&D, and other RPGs in the Portland, Oregon metro area and welcome new players to come by and play. William is dedicated to expanding the Shadowdark universe, and generating quality, deadly, fun and intriguing stories and settings for us fans to explore. He is one of many who strives to keep the darkness alive!

About The Book:

Will and his friend Bill were keen on writing adventures that a GM could plug and play, while also letting a broader story unfold. There are a total of eight adventures within the pages of this epic tome, so if you're a GM that requires a quick story for a session--or 10, they've got you covered!

This supplement has adventures that are setting neutral, and feature rat folk, worshipers of Ul-Gol, their daemonic god. The rats are zealots and love to concoct poisons, brews, pastes, and elixirs for devious ends. The book will consist of several Shadowdark-compatible role-playing adventures for characters level 1-5. Each of the adventures comes complete with maps for both the GM and the player to view. Each adventure is set up to take anywhere from one to three sessions to complete. The speed of which is dependent on the players and the style of GMing.

You can read up on each adventure in the KICKSTARTER. Now enough of reading, let's check out some of the art! Menagerie Press has assured me that the art is hand crafted with not AI use or influence, which makes me even more stoked to be supporting them as an indie developer.

I was also blessed with being the first to share this never before seen piece of art for the back cover!

And a super awesome addition to the carousing and gaming in the Shadowdark landscape, I'm excited to be the first to also introduce Rogue's Dice! Reminiscent of Liar's Dice, Rogue's Dice is a quick game that players can enjoy at nearly any time, and sure to win the favor of the party as a fun and clever tavern past time. Rogue Dice will be present in the Rats of Ul-Gol book.

That's all for now... I'm off to enjoy the festivities of my Birthday! Bunni has leveled up, and is ready to delve into the darkest of dungeons in hopes of finding birthday cheer, present, plunder and cake. 

Stay tuned for more awesome content,
The Dungeon Damsel Team

PHYSICAL things in our hands! OH MY!
2 months ago – Wed, Feb 07, 2024 at 02:27:31 PM

Greetings Unnatural Selectors!

We are doing front flips and back flips over here because today we received... DUN DUN DUN... The first test print of Unnatural Selection! (There will be at least one more as we make corrections. Like the off-centeredness of the cover, for instance.)

It is even more beautiful and REAL than we could have imagined. Check out these photos, and ignore the wet stains from our tears of joy! (We have yet to receive our test copy of the SPECIAL EDITION, but that should be coming as soon as we make our first round of corrections and get it in our hands.)

Not only that, but we also received samples of our slick stickers! You can see how reflective they are, below:

Another update (about Garycon) coming soon!

Thank you and stay tuned!
The Dungeon Damsel Team